Hello! My name is Rachel Taylor and I love what I do! I'm an outdoor and music enthusiast that loves creating interesting visual and sonic experiences.

I graduated from UC Santa Barbara in June 2017 with a degree in Film and Media Studies. My most prominent film work at University was Beelievers: a lighthearted documentary about beekeepers and colony collapse disorder in Santa Barbara and Carpentaria. In addition, I have also created music videos, promotional videos for bands and record labels, and worked on sets as part of art departments and as a sound mixer. Behind the scenes, I've spent countless hours on post production in sound and picture editing.

In addition to filmmaking, photography is also a love of mine. My work spans from landscapes of Patagonia back country to surreal portraiture with environmentalist undertones. I've been doing photography as a hobby for most of my life and my photos have been displayed in galleries such as the Glass Box Gallery in Santa Barbara & the Infinity on West Adams in Los Angeles.

Since graduating and moving back to my hometown, I've been engaging in podcast sound design, music video directing, filming, and editing, as well as creating content for an independent record label. Be sure to check out my sound design for the American Beauty Podcast, a poignant collection of stories and informative feminist outlooks after the November 2016 election by Joanna Brooks.

As of Fall 2018, I am diving back into the world of food. I have begun to create short “Chef’s Table” style video vignettes for the featured San Diego restaurants on Chef Meal Kits. I am also drumming up a new series of videos and photoessays featuring location specific dishes created by Chef Logan Kendall.

I am currently working for Timken Museum of ArtTopshelf Records, and Chef Meal Kits.

Please take a look at my work that is embedded on this website. If you have any questions or wish to collaborate, feel free to contact me! I'm always looking to meet new people and create beautiful things. 

 instagram:  @Raychel.Taylor

instagram: @Raychel.Taylor

For updates on travel, please take a look at my blog, Strange Cacti.