Strange Cacti - an introduction


I can’t seem to stop finding interest and meaning in everything I encounter. I’m a San Diego based filmmaker & photographer with an undeniable love for music, writing and travel. I have volumes of writing, hours of playlists, and a large portfolio of photography that I wish to share with the world. Starting this month, I will be curating and sharing writings, photos, and playlists while I travel to New Orleans, Los Angeles, Big Sur, San Francisco, and Humboldt.

This is not strictly a music blog, or a travel blog. Rather, this is a vehicle for self expression. I tend to keep what’s in my mind buried away in journals. In the name of my own artistic path, here is where I let my vulnerability unfold in way that my thoughts may flourish. 

I named this blog after Angel Olsen’s first EP for many reasons. Few musical works have been able to accurately express the intricacies of how I see the world. Hopefully as this blog goes on, this way of intuitive and sensitive observations of the world will become more apparent. I’ll try to keep it genuine and raw.